Release 3.6.2

Release date: February 21, 2024

Dear valued customers,

We are excited to announce the release of v.3.6.2, packed with new enhancements and features that will take your user experience to the next level. This update focuses on improving efficiency, personalization, and overall user satisfaction.

Incorporation of AI-generative Response as well as the Training Data

Admin users can now generate canned responses using generative AI, allowing for more efficient creation of intentions.

  1. Admin’s perspective
    • Administrators now have the ability to generate canned responses using generative AI with just a single click. This streamlines the process of creating responses, saving time and effort for administrators. Instead of manually crafting each response, they can leverage the power of AI to generate initial drafts quickly.
    • Generated responses can be further fine-tuned by administrators to create new intentions swiftly. They can modify and customize the AI-generated content to align with specific requirements or the desired tone of the bot. This flexibility allows administrators to maintain control over the bot’s responses while benefiting from the efficiency of AI-generated suggestions.
    • Administrators have the ability to set the scope and sources for the generative AI, providing guidance for answering questions. This gives administrators control over the AI’s knowledge base and ensures that the generated responses align with their specific requirements and industry expertise. By defining the scope and sources, clients can enhance the relevance of the AI-generated responses.
    • In addition, the generative AI can save you more time by spinning more training examples for you to train the Natural Language Processor (NLP).
  2. User’s perspective
    • When the bot’s confidence level falls below the set criteria, the system will automatically trigger the generative AI response. This means that if the bot is uncertain or lacks confidence in providing an answer, it will utilize the AI-generated response to address the customer’s query. This ensures that customers receive a response even in situations where the bot’s confidence is low, improving the overall user experience.

New look for Admin Console

  1. Theme (light/dark mode)
  2. The account management, organization, language preferences, and logout buttons have been moved to the selection list in the top right corner of the GUI. 

More Streamlined Operator Console

Users with access to multiple organizations can now operate seamlessly between them.

  1. Open multiple operator consoles simultaneously across multiple organizations
    • Allowing operators to handle multiple customers at once and improve efficiency.
    • This means they can respond to inquiries more quickly and efficiently, reducing customer wait times and improving overall productivity.
    • For companies with multiple departments or organizations within their structure, this feature is particularly beneficial. Operators can seamlessly navigate between different organizations or departments, accessing shared customer service resources. This streamlines collaboration and knowledge-sharing, allowing operators to leverage expertise and provide comprehensive support across the entire organization.
  2. Escalate one conversation from one organization to another
    • With the new feature, operators can escalate a conversation from one organization to another that they have access to without any hassle. This streamlines the workflow and eliminates the need for repetitive logins, saving time and effort.
    • It promotes seamless collaboration within and across teams. Operators can easily transfer the conversation without losing context. This facilitates efficient teamwork, reduces bottlenecks, and ensures

Gathering KPI reports has never been more efficient 

We have constantly worked on enhancing the KPI report system, enabling users to generate insights faster from the home dashboard tailored to their unique needs. In this release, we have introduced the following new KPI reports:

  1. KPI-042
  • Users can now visualize the training status of Generative AI, from pending to completion, directly on the dashboard page. This provides a clear indication that the bot training has been completed.

To explore these new features and improvements, simply log in to your ccRobot account and enjoy the seamless transition into the future of conversational AI.